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29 janvier 2007

Day trip in Paris

Not even a two days old bear, and I am already a globe trotter! Departure on monday morning from Lille to Paris, day stop in Paris and back to Serémange the same day! Just born and already on the road, what a life! Anyway, please excuse my lack of equipment, I am travelling with my sleeping bag in a paper bag... And I am supposed to go to New Zealand in 2 days... Hum hum! I am a little bit scared... Well, for now, let's talk about the visit in Paris: first stop in Le Marais to eat in the famous but controversial restaurant Le... [Lire la suite]
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27 janvier 2007

Birth picture...

I was looking at my pictures, and check out what I found... A picture of my first day... Now I understand a lot of things...
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27 janvier 2007

I am Snout!

Hello everybody, My name is Artic, Snout for close friends, I am a small French polar bear (born in China!) and I am leaving to New Zealand in 4 days, that is why I created this blog in order to tell you my adventures! First Name : ArticUsed Name : SnoutType : Polar bearDate of birth: January, the 26th in 2007Nationality : FrenchProfession : Globe-TrotterHeight : 13 cmColor : WhiteVisited countries: France, New Zealand, Spain, NorwayHobby : Hiking, fishing and watching TV (especially series)! Enjoy travelling!
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